Hannibal Timeline

247?Hannibal Barca is born, first son of Hamilcar Barca. Early Life
238 Hamilcar Barca has his son Hannibal swear eternal enmity to Rome
237? 237?: Hannibal (age 9?)accompanies his father, Hamilcar Barca, and his brothers and brother-in-law on the Carthaginian expedition for new lands in Spain.
235Birth of Scipio (later 'Africanus').
231 Roman emissaries are sent to meet with Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian, in Spain.
229/230 Hamilcar Barca dies. Hasdrubal succeeds Hamilcar in Spain
229-222Hannibal (age 18 to 25) was the chief agent in carrying out the plans by which his brother-in-law Hasdrubal extended and consolidated the Carthaginian dominion on the Iberian Peninsula.
226 Treaty defining river Iberus (Ebro) as border of influence between Rome and Carthage
221 Command in Spain Hasdrubal (Hamilcar Barca's son-in-law) - is assassinated & Hannibal, the youngest son of Hamilcar Barca is elected by the troops to lead them.
220 People of Sagunto (Spain) appeal to Rome for protection under Ebro River treaty against interference from the Barcas.
219 Hannibal Attacks Saguntum (Spring) and captures it (November?) after a siege of eight months. This breaks Ebro River treaty, provoking the Second Punic War. Hannibal Prepares for War

218 Second Punic War (218-201) - Hannibal's War begins Rome declares war . Hannibal Crosses the Ebro| Hannibal Marches into Gaul crossing the Rhone (August?) | Hannibal Crosses the Alps in 14 days with elephants(October) Hannibal arrives in Italy and defeats P. Cornelius Scipio at River Ticinus; defeats Sempronius Longus at Trebbia River (December?)
217 The road to Trasimeno. |
Roman disaster at Lake Trasimeno
in central Italy, Hannibal defeats Romans led by Flaminius; 15,000 Romans killed. | After Trasimeno | Hannibal winters at Gerontium. The road to Cannae
216 Hannibal defeats Roman consuls at Cannae; Paulus and 50,000 Romans killed. Reaction of Rome .Revolts in central Italy against Rome - Silva Litani -. Capua defects to Hannibal Hannibal fails to take Neapolis (Naples); winters at Capua. Hannibal After Cannae in Italy
215 Hannibal in southern Italy: many Greek cities joined Hannibal. Alliance of Carthage with Philip V of Macedonia allies with Carthage. - Hasdrubal defeated at Dertosa. - Patavium (Padua) comes under Roman supremacy- Hiero II dies: Syracuse switches allegiance from Rome to Carthage
214 Hannibal moves South Roman general M. Claudius Marcellus besieges Syracuse, which is allied with Carthage. The siege fails and the blockade begins.
213 Casilinum and Arpi recovered by the Romans | Campaign of 213
212 Hannibal takes Tarentum (Romans kept its citadel) | Herdonea | Most places in Samnium & Apulia recovered by the Romans
Roman siege of Syracuse led by Marcellus. Siege of Capua
211 Syracuse is captured by Rome, through an act of treason: Archimedes is killed. Defeat of the Scipios in Spain. Fall of Capua despite Hannibal's desperate efforts and march to Rome
210 Battles of Numistro and Herdonea. 12 out of 30 Latin colonies refused contingents to Rome.
Fall of Agrigentum.
Scipio the Elder assumes command in Spain.
209 Battle of Canusium | Cato (later the Censor) captures Tarentum. Scipio takes New Carthage.
208 M. Claudius Marcellus dies at Venusia.
Scipio defeats Hannibal's brother
Hasdrubal at Baecula, in north Andalusia. He succeeds in escaping towards the Pyrenees.
207 Hannibal’s brother Hasbrubal arrives in Italy. He is beaten and killed at the Metaurus River by the troops led by the two consuls, and his head is catapulted into Hannibal’s camp - Hannibal flees to Bruttium where he stays for four years.
206 After Metaurus - Rome's consuls keep Hannibal pinned in Bruttium.
Battle of
Ilipa near Seville - Scipio against Mago Barca and Hasdrubal Gisgo. Scipio destroys the last Carthaginian forces in Spain.
205 Scipio elected consul and moves to Sicily. Mago sails to Liguria
204 Mago is defeated in northern Italy attempting to reinforce Hannibal
leads the invasion of Africa with 30,000 men - Cato the Elder quaestor in Sicily
203 Scipio’s surprise attack on Carthage's Numidian ally Syphax and Hasdrubal Gisgo at Bagradas Plains - Syphax is defeated and captured in the battle of Cirta against Masinissa and Laelius - Hannibal is recalled to Africa from Italy to Carthage to repel the Roman invasion - Mago defeated in Gaul.
202 Carthaginans attack on Roman convoy which has run aground re-opens the war | Hannibal Returns to Africa | Scipio Africanus defeats Hannibal Zama /Naragara (autumn?) | Carthage surrenders
201 War Against Hannibal ends. - Peace granted to Carthage at the cost of Spain. Massinissa beecomes King of Numidia

200-196 Hannibal elected as Shophet in Carthage and restores order.
195 Hannibal exiled, joins Antiochus III, king of Syria Masinissa starts raids on Carthaginian territory.
191 Rome rejects Carthaginian offer to pay off remainder of indemnity
190Antiochus is defeated in the Battle of Magnesia - Hannibal is on the run
?Hannibal and Scipio at Ephesus |
189?Hannibal in Armenia?
185?Hannibal's final hiding place: the court of Prusias II, king of Bithynia
182/3? Hannibal kills himself to avoid surrendering to Rome while at Libyssa.
Scipio dies, ostracised by Rome.