Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Scipio Family Tree

The Scipio family figures large in the story of Hannibal, with Scipio Africanus being perhaps the best known of them. Senior members of the family were the first to counter-attack the Barcas in Spain; Scipio's father was injured at the battle of Ticinus (and was rescued by his son) but then killed in Spain (alongside Africanus' uncle); his father-in-law fell at Cannae. Finally, an adopted member of the Scipio family led the final destruction of Carthage.

On the family tree above, note:
  • Publius Scipio Africanus (middle, right), who fought at Ticinus and Cannae and defeated Hannibal's brothers and finally Hannibal himself at Zama)
  • His father Publius Scipio, who was injured at the battle of Ticinus, and was rescued by his son - he later led Roman forces in Spain against the Barca brothers and was defeated and killed there
  • His uncle Gnaeus fought alongside his brother against the Barca brothers in Spain (and was also killed)
  • His father-in-law (father of Aemilia), Aemilius Paullus (not shown) fell at Cannae
  • His brother Lucius defeated Antiochus III at Magnesia (with the assistance of Africanus, as legate), and took the name Asiaticus
  • His sister was the mother of the famous Gracchus brothers
  • His son, Publius Scipio, adopted the boy who was to become Scipio Africanus the Younger

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