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Summary of Petrarch's Africa, Books 6-8

Francesco Petrarca aka Petrarch

Petrarch is perhaps not the most reliable source for Hannibal's era - given the long passage of time - but he certainly adds some colourful detail.
This helpful summary of Petrarch's Africa, Books 6-8 is by Timothy Moore of the University of Texas.

Book 6

End of Masinissa-Syphax-Sophoniba story
1-97: Arrival of Sophoniba in the underworld
98-242: Scipio addresses troops and gives gifts to Masinissa and Laelius
243-270: Masinissa dreams of glory instead of Sophoniba
271-372: Syphax's lament as he is taken to Italy

Recall of Hannibal and Mago

373-503: Carthaginians send for Hannibal and Mago and propose peace terms to Scipio
504-588: Hannibal receives call to return and laments
589-631: Hannibal massacres Italians at Croton
632-729: Hannibal laments as he leaves Italy
729-786: Hannibal's voyage home
787-814: Hannibal says he will accept what Fortune brings
815-912: An old Carthaginian tells of Carthage's troubles since they betrayed Xanthippus
913-982: Laelius and Carthaginian ambassadors arrive in Rome; Senate rejects peace proposals
983-1018: Carthaginians attack Roman fleet
1019-1060: Carthaginians attack Roman ambassadors
1061-1089: Scipio receives Carthaginian ambassadors, returned from Rome
1090-1150: Mago sets out for home
1051-1199: Lament and death of Mago

Book 7 

Events leading to Zama

1-40: Hannibal arrives in Africa

41-114: Anxiety in Rome

Meeting of Hannibal and Scipio

115-156: Scipio receives Hannibal's scouts
157-277: Hannibal and Scipio meet
278-478: Hannibal's speech to Scipio
479-596: Scipio's response
597-662: End of meeting and preparation for battle


663-971: Debate of Carthage and Rome and Jupiter's verdict
972-1110: Scipio addresses his troops
1111-1215: Hannibal addresses his troops
1216-1479: The battle
1480-1506: Hannibal slinks into Carthage

Book 8

Reaction to victory

1-46: Romans take plunder and rejoice in victory
47-333: Scipio, Laelius, and Masinissa debate the merits of Hannibal
334-351: Laelius leaves for Rome to report victory
352-514: Hannibal addresses despairing Carthaginians then goes to Antiochus
515-588: Scipio approaches Carthage
589-656: Defeat of Vermina
657-687: Prodigies in Rome
688-780: Claudius loses fleet
781-874: News of victory reaches Rome; Lentulus hopes to take over army

Peace negotiations and treaty

875-962: Scipio reprimands Carthaginian ambassadors and proposes peace terms
963-1181: Hasdrubal goes to Rome and pleas for peace
1182-1352: Senate accepts peace; Hasdrubal tours Rome
1353-1436: Hasdrubal meets Carthaginian captives, praises Rome, and returns home
1437-1520: Scipio gives rewards and punishments and admonitions and leaves Carthage
1521-1541: Burning of Carthaginian fleet

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